Updated April 24 2011

Name: Farijal
Nickname: Soraya, Fari  or Angel (that's wot my friends call me)
Place of residence: The Hague, The Netherlands
Date of birth: 9-12-1987
Heigth: 5'9
Color of eyes: brown
Smoking?: Nope
Siblings?: Nope
Status: Single, but crushing hard on someone.
Who do you admire?: My crush, my friends, my family and the people I idolize.
Most sexy boys: My crush is the sexiest of them all!
Fave music: Top40
What lies under your bed?: Stuff
Fave colour: Blue

[Place:] Home
[Date:] 24-04-2011
[Time:] 15.05 PM
[Eating:] Nothing
[Drinking:] Fernandes
[Feeling:] Frustrated, upset and heartbroken.
[Wearing:] White short shorts and white t-shirt.
[Listen to:] Slam FM with my boy Martijn La Grouw, he be radio DJ!
[Watching:] My Screen
[Talking:] Nope
[Thinking:] About my crush.
[HaiR:] Just loose
[JeWeLs:] Earrings
[Make-uP:] None, yet.
[Shoe$:] Nope, just slippers.
[Last CaLL 2 Mi3:] My Mom.
[Last CaLL From Mi3:] Hesam. (A friend.)
[Last SmS 2 Mi3:] Marcel. (A friend.)
[BoyfrienD:] Nope.
[Last Who Called You Babe/Baby:] My crush.
[In Lov3:] No, but crushing hard.
[LaSt Wh0 KiSsEd YoU:] My ex-boyfriend, haha and that has been awhile. However in my dreams my crush and me are making out like k-razy!